The Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is also known as chakrasana. It energizes and rejuvenates your body, as it also cures various health problems.

How to Perform the Pose

Step 1– Start with lying in the supine position on the ground and place a neatly folded thick blanket beneath the shoulders such that your neck is kept protected. Set your feet easily on the ground while bending your knees, and keep your heels close to your hip bones as much possible.

Step 2 – While exhaling, gently press your arms as well as the inner part of your feet into the ground in an active manner, push your tailbone towards your pubis in the upward direction by keeping your buttocks firm. Make sure not to harden your buttocks at this point. Now, lift your buttocks off the ground. Make sure your inner feet and thighs are parallel to one another. Extend through your hands while clasping your arms below the pelvis such that you maintain a position at the top of the shoulders.

Step 3 – Now lift your buttocks till a position when your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Place your heels exactly over your heels and push them in a forward direction so that they are kept away from your hips. Stretch your tailbone lengthened toward the back of your knee and gradually lift up your pubis towards your navel.

Step 4 – Press the top of your sternum towards your chin by slightly lifting the chin away from your sternum and firming the blades of your shoulder against your back. Keep the outer part of your arms firm as well as keep the blades of your shoulder broad and try lifting the empty space between them at the base of your neck upward into your torso

Step 5 – Maintain your posture for around 30 seconds to one minute. With an exhalation release the posture. To perform the same gradually roll your spine down on the ground. Repeat the steps a couple of times.


  • Stretches your spine as well as neck.
  • Stretches your chest.
  • It calms your mind and helps to cure stress as well as mild depression problems.
  • Stimulates your abdominal organs including thyroid as well as lungs.
  • Rejuvenates your fatigued legs.
  • Enhances the process of digestion.
  • Renders help to relieve menopause symptoms.
  • It helps with menstruation discomfort.
  • Works as a therapy for cases of high blood pressure, sinusitis and asthma as well as osteoporosis.
  • Reduces problems like backache, insomnia, and fatigue as well as a headache.

Mistakes and Contradictions

In case you are a patient suffering from some kind of neck injury, then do not perform or practice the pose without professional supervision. Having expert guidance would ensure you avoid any further damage.

How to Perform the Pose Perfectly

You must be thorough with the steps of the posture before performing it. The best way to perform the pose to perfection is to have the guidance of a professional expert and master the same.

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