Food – Your Friend Or Foe?

I’m a picky eater. I admit it. But that is because, over time, I have realized which food items serve my body well from the inside out and which ones don’t. 

I might want to indulge in predominantly plant-based foods, but at the end of the meals, there is always some room for chocolate. If my mind needs it, then my body needs it too. As long as I’m able to stay within some limits, chocolate is actually good for the body, and it gives you the same butterflies as when you’re falling in love — double win.

Do you understand by now that being fit doesn’t come with over-exercising and eating little? It actually comes with eating plenty of nutritious foods. Your choices just need to be right. It is moreover about pairing different nutrients together to making you feel at the top of your game.

Another game-changing habit is to eat around the same time each day. By doing so, you signal your body when it is getting food, so your metabolism adapts to it. Otherwise, it starts storing foods because it never knows when it is getting more. It is the case when you start gaining weight even though on paper, you are eating all the “right” foods.

You should try different things within foods and see what fits your body best. It is important to find balanced nutrition, which you can call a lifestyle. Finding peace with everything you eat and being at ease in your body is what will fuel everything else that you do in life. Make food an experience rather than looking at it as a reward or a sin. Even when you know you’re overindulging, play along with it. If you’ve decided you want a particular food, you might as well enjoy it. But also know your limits and how certain foods make you feel. Try to refrain from them when you know they don’t do you justice.

I do eat everything. I try to eat the foods that I like in small quantities since I know they are not good for me and are not serving my goals when I do wish for them. You don’t need guilt about what you put in or on your body; it is just an extra emotion that weighs you down.

When you do reach for something sweet at the end of your meal, try either a fizzy kombucha drink or a warm matcha latte next time. 

I also tend to drink unimaginable amounts of green tea. I feel that it makes me flush out the toxins as nothing else does. It works for my body, so play around and see what suits you. While during my period, I try to refrain from any caffeine and sugar because they just wear me down even more. 

Listen to your body. You can be your best friend and your most honest critic. Be honest with yourself with both what you need at any given moment and how that decision serves your long-term goals. Know that if you set your mind to and work hard enough, anything is possible. 

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